Window Condensation

Window Condensation

Cold Weather Condensation

Units in the Renaissance can have condensation on the inside of the windows when the temperature drops to 40 degrees and lower. The condensation can pool on the windowsill and run down the wall, leaving the wall and floor wet.

Even though the unit  windows have a double-glass thermal design, the cold is still able to reach the inside of the window by thermal conduction through the metal window frames. The Renaissance windows DO NOT have a thermal barrier or break in the frame, so when the outside of the metal frame is subjected to cold temperatures, the entire frame is cooled. Warm, moist, inside room air condenses on the cold inside window frame and drips on the inside of the glass and down the interior frame onto the windowsill and onto the wall and floor. The condensation should be dealt with quickly.

A quick solution is to keep the inside of the windows and the windowsill as dry as possible by wiping the condensate runoff as soon as it formed. A more long-term solution is to install a dehumidifier.

Unoccupied apartments should be checked by your home watch provider  in cold weather to see if their windows have a condensation problem.

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