Sliding Door Water Dam

Understanding Your Sliding Door Water Dam

Understanding Your Sliding Door Water Dam

Most  sliding door  in the Renaissance  has a three-inch metal strip across the bottom of the entire doorway opening that is designed to prevent wind-blown water from being driven under the door and into your unit . Under severe storm conditions the strip becomes a protective “well” that can collect water and safely release it back outside. During very heavy winds and rain, water that has been forced into the “dam” may become agitated to the extent that can splash onto adjacent carpet and flooring. 

During serious storms and hurricanes, or if you plan to be away during the summer hurricane season, it is wise to place a towel or other absorbent protective material on the floor in front of the “dam” to catch any water before it splashes onto your flooring. Unless the dam becomes seriously filled and threatens to overflow inside your apartment there is no need to “bail it out” or place anything into the well, since it could become saturated and then wick water inside your apartment and onto your flooring. It is prudent to keep the window tracks in the well area free of all debris so that trapped water can flow freely to the outside. 

Understanding Your Balcony Sliding Door Water Dam 

During a hurricane it is wise to place towels on the floor directly against the dam panel so splashes are kept away from floors and carpeting. While not likely, if the dam gets dangerously high, sponge it out so water does not overflow onto the floor.

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