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Renaissance Parking Policy

(Parking Policy Doc – PDF)

We ask your cooperation in parking only in a space deeded to your unit. Your renters may only park in the space(s) deeded to your unit . Visitors may park in the visitor spaces on the garage first floor. If they will be staying more than a couple of hours, they must register their vehicle at the front desk to obtain a parking pass. Residents must park in their deeded parking space. If someone illegally parks in your deeded space, as the owner or the space,  you may have the vehicle towed at no expense to you. Parking compliance is an important factor in the smooth operation and enjoyment of our condominium. If you purchase a new vehicle or obtain a new license plate, please update your vehicle registration with the administrative office.

 If a vehicle is illegally parked in other areas of the property, e.g. visitors, contractors, temporary parking at the north end of the building, etc., a warning will be placed on the vehicle one time. At the next violation, the vehicle will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.  

Per the rules and regulations Owners, renters, guests, or invitees are not permitted to park, maintain or keep commercial trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, motorbikes, campers, trailers, mobile homes, motor homes, personal watercraft, boats, any towed conveyance, recreational vehicle, or any vehicle with an overall width exceeding 81 inches or length more than 16 feet in any parking area. Any large SUV exceeding the length and width size must park in two adjacent spaces that the vehicle owner owns or rents but not in a single parking space. Absolutely no advertising of any kind on vehicles is permitted.

Please do not block the no-parking loading area located at the building entrances leading to the garage (adjacent to the handicapped spaces). Please do not store anything in the parking spaces but your vehicle. Only currently registered, tagged, and insured motor vehicles may be parked in the garage. 

Handicapped parking spaces on the ground floor of the parking garage may only be used by short-term visitors who display a handicapped hangtag credential or a handicapped license tag. Residents and lessees who require the use of a handicapped space must park in one of the designated handicapped spaces adjacent to the second and third floor pedestrian entrances from the garage into the building. The handicap spaces are for the use of everyone who needs them.  They are not for the exclusive and/or permanent storage of any one vehicle. 


Residents with valid handicapped parking tags or plates may utilize the designated Handicapped Parking spaces on a first come, first serve basis in the Renaissance I Association garage for a continuous period of time not to exceed 48 hours.  If handicapped parking spaces in the access controlled garage are full, residents may use the designated parking spots in the visitors’ parking area for a maximum of 24 continuous hours. Residents who exceed the maximum time limit will be ticketed and subject to having their vehicle towed by the Association at the owner’s expense.

Secured Parking Garage Gate Opener Options:

If you have one of the many vehicles that has a built-in programmable garage door opener transmitter, you will be able to borrow a transmitter from the front desk to program your vehicle transmitter to remember or “clone” the unique Renaissance transmitter digital security door code. The built-in vehicle transmitter will then be able to open the garage door as well as the gate on May Lane and you won’t have to buy a transmitter. Your owner’s manual will give the details of how to program the built-in transmitter or you can call your dealer’s service department for the programming instructions.

Only activate the garage door opener when you have the gate in sight. Opening it too soon can create a possible security breach by presenting an opportunity for unauthorized pedestrians or vehicles to enter.

If you require a stand-alone unit as a garage gate opener, you may purchase it online (Amazon is the most used retailer) and at retailers where garage door openers are sold. The transmitter must be a MultiCode 3089. Once you receive it, bring it to the office to have it programed so that it will work to open the garage gate. You will need to replace the battery every year or so.


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