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Board Resolution Regarding Balconies

Because of problems during the hurricanes in 2004, the Board of Directors has passed a resolution regarding the removal of all items from balconies when major storms are imminent. If you are a seasonal resident, please make sure that you clear your balcony before you leave for the season or on an extended vacation during Atlantic Hurricane Season. Here’s a copy of the resolution:

Removal of all Items from Balconies and Terraces During Hurricane Season

Residents of the Renaissance must remove all items from balconies and patios whenever hurricanes and tropical storms are forecast during the Atlantic Hurricane Season which runs from June 1 through November 30 of each year.

Wind-blown balcony objects can damage other condominium units, injure people and property, and if they break or weaken balcony windows or walls, can compromise the watertight integrity of the Renaissance building and damage other apartments and the condominium common elements.

If a Hurricane Watch (when a hurricane may threaten the area within 36 hours) or a Tropical Storm Watch is issued for the Sarasota area, all items (furniture, plants and pots, decorator items, everything) must be removed from balconies and terraces within twelve hours of the initial notice. Local radio, TV and newspapers will publicize serious storm advisories, and courtesy notices may also be placed in conspicuous places throughout the building and on the Renaissance  bulletin board in the mail alcove to remind residents to clear their balconies.

When a hurricane or tropical storm is expected within 24 hours (defined as a Tropical Storm Warning or Hurricane Warning), if items are still observed on any balcony, Owners who plan to be away or who only occupy their apartment seasonally or who rent or allow guests to use their unit  during Atlantic Hurricane Season must either remove all items from their balcony before they leave or make independent prior arrangements with their tenants, guests, agents, or other service providers to immediately remove all items from balconies and patios when required because of officially declared storm watches or warnings, or upon posted notice on Renaissance property by the Association. Landlords should NEVER  expect Association staff members to be available to move balcony items since they will be busy protecting the condominium common elements.

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